Saturday, September 6

Putt putt fun!

After dinner (and a little volleyball) at Lulu's last night, we decided to introduce the kiddos to putt putt. I can't believe it has taken us this long to take them, but I guess not having one in Montgomery hasn't helped. :) it was a lot of fun, especially after deciding not to keep score a few holes into the game. My husband is so not competitive. :) 

What a treat! I can't wait to take them again!!

Last minute beach getaway

On behalf of a generous ministry, Interpreter's House, we were able to spend the last few days at an Orange Beach condo for a very discounted price. We are so thankful and what perfect timing, especially after a challenging summer of ministry. We were so grateful for the time away with just our family. I love seeing how The Lord provides...this is just another sweet example!

Pool time and homework, too!

Wednesday, July 16

before i forget...

My 19 month old is really beginning to expand her vocabulary...

"I wanna rock" after we've been rocking before naps and bedtime.  As I pick her up to take her to her bed, she now says "I wanna rock" for one more time in the rocking chair.  I can't resist. :)

"I wanna go" when she looks out the door to the car or when Daddy leaves for work and she watches out the window.  Precious. 

"Let it go!" her favorite song from the movie Frozen.  She has this amazing way of rolling her "r's" before she says "go."  every. time.  She loves to talk about "Anna" and "Elsa" as well. :)  She has 2 different friends named Anna (Anna Duggar and Anna Burnette).  She calls them both "Ah-na", the same way its pronounced in the movie. :)  As much as she loves the movie, she would never sit through it.  The you tube videos of the 2 minute songs is as much as she can handle.  Her dancing is too cute! 

She's really gotten to the point now where she will try to imitate any word you ask her to say.  pretty cute. 

This little girl is a firecracker.  adventurous.  never still. strong willed.  sweet.  loves kisses.  and hugs.  especially when you count to 3 and then she runs into your arms.

She also loves to sing. or to be sung to.  Some of her favorites are "the itsy bitsy spider;" "he's got the whole world;" "this little light of mine;" "Jesus loves me."  She loves doing the hand motions to all of them.  And then she ends every song with "Yay!!!!" and a little clap of her hands. 

Her favorite book right now by far is "Apply Dapply" by Beatrix Potter.  She really doesn't like to sit still or have people read to her. But she will rock before naps and bedtime and listen to this book while pointing to the pages and baby babbling.  The rest she'd rather rip up or chew on. :)

She adores her brothers.  She loves to talk about "jakey" these days and always asks to say "night night" to him first, leaning in for her hug and kiss.  She will let Hudson hold her just about anytime.  And Oliver will probably always be her best friend. 

I love how she says "NI-NI" (night night) pretty loudly before bedtime to all of her brothers.  They often fight over who gets to hug her first.  It becomes pretty lengthy because they all come back for one more hug or kiss from her.  And she happily obliges.  Melt my heart. 

She loves her Daddy.  always asking about him.  And the minute he walks in the door, she screams "dada" and her little legs excitedly run to him.  the sweetest thing I ever did see. 

Saturday, July 20

Saturday fun at the Bass Pro

While Brian was working on his sermon this morning and Hudson was at lake Martin for the day for Luke Duggar's birthday, the rest of us had some fun at the bass pro...

Monday, March 4

attached at the hip...until now

This past Saturday night Brian and I went on a double date with some sweet friends, and we actually left Molly at home with the babysitter.  For the first time.  It was actually my first time to leave her at all.  Ever.  In the past I have just taken her with me grocery shopping or running errands or wherever because it was easier to have her with me because of her nursing schedule. And what mom of six kids has time to pump??  I'd like to know. Plus, it was easier on Brian or whomever was watching my other 5 kids.  Leaving 6 kids (including a baby and a mischievous 23 month old!) with someone is pretty overwhelming, and Molly is just easy to have out and about.  So she has gone with us on all our dates.  Up until now. 

Just a couple of days ago, I finally put her on a good schedule and started letting her fall asleep on her own instead of me getting her to sleep and then laying her down.  I think it has taken me this long just because I wanted to soak up every bit of her "newborn"-ness as long as I could.  And I didn't have the heart to hear her cry it out. 

Thankfully the longest she has ever cried since letting her fall asleep on her own has been about 3 or 4 minutes.  :)    (She had actually been crying longer if I put her in her swing to sleep....she is not a fan of the swing).  So after I feed her around 6 or 7 pm, she is down for the night until I wake her up to feed her right before I go to bed.  So that means I have more freedom in the evenings now.  And she has been sleeping about 6-7 hour stretches at night.  Little thing has taken longer to do this than my other boys, but she's just so little and still hasn't reached her "12 pound magic number," which according to Dr. Morrison is when they can start sleeping through the night.

So tonight Brian watched all six kids (for the first time) and let me have a girls night with some sweet friends.  He put her down with no problem, and she was still asleep when I got home!  I think we have arrived at the "easier" baby stage.  Her naps are going better during the day, although she rarely sleeps longer than 45 minutes.  Baby steps. :)

Sweet Molly is a joy.  I just want to soak up her smiles all day long.  She is so happy and reminds me so much of her big brothers at this age...happy and content. lots of coos and smiles.  But definitely happiest when she is being held. :) She's come out of her fussy moments...Brian was starting to get a little hurt that she would cry every time he held her, but that has thankfully past.  Her brothers adore her...she is kissed and hugged and squeezed all day long.

So the baby fog is slowly being lifted, and I just may start to be able to function again.  Any organization or keeping up with the school calendar or laundry or meal planning has gone out the window since she was born. If Brian hadn't taken over getting up with and taking the kids to school in the mornings, I never would have survived. :)   I feel like I'm just now starting over and trying to figure out how to do life with six in tow.  :)  Just reminding myself that my children are my priority...keeping them alive and fed and loved is my job.  The rest can wait.  As long as I remember that, then I am content...which is not often enough.  The minute I start thinking about my piles of laundry or dirty dishes or the messy stack of bills and school papers on my desk I never have time to look through or my dirty kitchen floor or even school field trips that I just can't commit to right now, I start to feel like I'm failing.  And those feelings of anxiety and frustration set in.  I become the "mean" mom.  I don't want that.  I want my kids to feel more important than my tasks.  A clean and organized home has become one of my biggest idols.  Praying that I can die to self and be okay with a chaotic house (and not apologize for it when people drop by) and be so thankful that it's full of 6 treasured blessings...full of energy and joy...and wanting them to know that they are treasured and loved by their mom and dad. And not burdens who complain and argue and make messes all day.  And I want to remember this first thing when I wake up in the morning.  It's easy to remember this at night when everyone is asleep, but the real test is in the midst of the craziness.

Today was a good day to be reminded of our "hands being full" of good things.  Brian had the day off, and we spent the afternoon at the park after picking the boys up from school... picnicking, exploring, and playing.  It was so refreshing to be a part of their fun, not being distracted by chores or responsibilities.  Just enjoying our kids. I needed this afternoon.  Being together as a family away from distractions.  Just the eight of us. :)

Friday, February 15